They say, 'a picture is worth a thousand words'. But words from owners tell you worlds about
the temperment of our Lambert Morgans that no picture can reveal.
"Your horses are absolutely magnificent !!! At the risk of repeating myself, you not only breed horses, you breed art."

Kathyrn Bigalow CA / Hollywood director / K19 THE WIDOW MAKER / HURT LOCKER / ZERO DARK THIRTY
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I just wanted to thank you both for your sincere hospitality during our visit to Quietude last week. Visiting with you and your horses wis the highlight of my trip as well as for the rest of my family. Although I am the real horse lover of the family, your horses and interesting history behind them certainly captivated my family. We acted like a scattered flock of sheep running from one horse to another and listening to your delightful stories. Often times throughout the remainder of our trip we would tell each other a tidbit we had learned from you while visiting with you at various times. I somehow missed the barn restoration project story but Dad filled me in last night. Although I had read about the friendliness of your Lamberts I was not prepared to see it first hand! Wow what people horses and at such a young age. It is truly amazing to see a group of young foals greeting a group of strangers. I have never seen such a beautiful group of horses in my life!! The timeless beauty and natural look is unique to your Lambert Morgans. I hope to one day own one of them for my very own. Gary Napier WV
What can I say? He's everything you said he would be. Calm, gentle, beautiful, etc., etc. - mere words cannot describe him adequately. Bob describes him to everyone as "the prettiest horse I think I've ever seen". He wasn't really hep on getting him at first, until he saw his picture. After that, he was helpless.
Bob and I just got back from spending the night with Chase in the baby barn; I never realized how comfortable it is to sleep on hay bales. He arrived last night around 10:00 pm. After a little coaxing, he walked calmly out of the horse van and into his new field. They had a little trouble getting him into his new stall - I think he didn't like the sound of his hoof striking the wooden threshhold. But right after he set all four feet in the stall, he turned around once or twice and dug right into his hay. A minute later, he was drinking Big Indian spring water from his bucket. (He loves to play with that bucket!) I don't know if the other two horses know he's there - he hasn't said a word, yet. We plan to keep him inside for the whole day, but I'll be keeping him company quite a bit during the day - he's irresistible!
He didn't want us to touch him at all last night, but this morning I bribed him with a little grain - after that he let me scratch him all over his face; I melted.What can I say - for me, he's a dream come true.
QUIETUDE VENTURE (Quietude Barcelona x Quietude Caress)
I had the pleasure of riding Quietude Venture today, and there are so many ways to describe him.  He is a little giant, with the pride of a lion!  He was amazing, athletic, and a absolute joy to ride!  You would have to pry me off of that boy, I just giggled, he was sooo much fun.  And I am sooo glad that I got to ride such a wonderful horse.  I must say too that he is worth every penny anyone would ever ask for him and I am glad to know that he has a wonderful owner such as yourself.  He was responsive, confident, and had such a contained power about him.  I felt like I was on a massive animal, with great big movement, he is just perfect.  I was in love, all his good looks follows through in his training, knowledge, and athleticism!  I know this was completely your decision, but I COMPLETELY approve :)  I am honored to know such a horse and he will go on to be your everything.  I am so excited for you.  I told Gary that I would love to ride him anytime he needed :)  Lucky I haven't ridden him earlier, Gary and I would have been pushing each other out of the way for Venture.  I just thought I would share my excitement with him.  I cannot wait to get you two together, and I do not think it will take much at all.  You will be so pleased with his training and his awesome athleticism :) Jessica Willis JLR Farms Prichard WV
Penny (Quietude Pennywhistle) is my heart's darling. Such a good girl and so smart! My youngest son is in love with her. He has been here to visit three times since she arrived but came but twice before in all of last year...SHE IS PERFECT. Andrea Alsup VT
QUIETUDE GOLDEN LOCKET (Quietude Jubilee Kingdom x Quietude Persia) AT TWELVE MONTHS
I write this email in praise of our Lambert Morgans and one in particular QUIETUDE GOLDEN LOCKET . When I decided to purchase another Lambert I knew, based on my experience's with Quietude Sara Lambert and Quietude Red Vermont and you and Shannon and the Quietude Stud, that I would be getting quality. I never dreamed that she would exceed my hopes and expectations to the level that she has.
I purchased her based on her personality and a Morgan judge's assessment of her confirmation. But these qualities are a mere shadow of what she has shown me so far. Besides being so pleasing to the eye she has a brilliant mind. Every new experience to her is a learning experience, she analyzes everything. She was only in her stall a few minutes that first night whet she made the judgment that she could trust everyone. She gives her trust first and it is up to you to keep it rather than having to earn it. Her first full day with me I didn't put her out until the afternoon. She had to go through a large puddle to get into the field. She stopped at the puddle, I did not try to coax her or encourage her to go through but you could see her trying to convince herself to do it. Then just as calmly as could be she walked through it and has done so ever since. Nothing rattles her, everything is positive in her mind.

She is a beautiful mover and very athletic. It excites me to think about all the potential she has. She is always thinking and always wants to work with you.

She is truly Golden. I feel that I have been blessed to own Vermont (Quietude Red Vermont), Sara (Quietude Sara Lambert) and now Locket and to have had so many positive and happy experiences because of them and the whole Lambert Family. John Nova Scotia Canada


Quietude Cordova (Quietude Merit x Quietude Madrid) is a Lambert Morgan and the most gentle stallion I have ever been around.  I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Bruce Nock on a trail ride at Cuivre River and he asked me if my horse Dusty was a Morgan.  Of course I beamed like a spotlight and told him, “Yes.”  He then said his horse was a Morgan also.  I looked closely and indeed it did look like a Morgan but unlike most I am used to seeing.  He actually appeared to be a miniature Andalusian, oatmeal in color with a flaxen mane and tail.  I admired him greatly for his beauty and calm attitude.  When I took a closer look, I saw that this quiet horse was a stallion and expressed my admiration for this animal to Bruce. 

I learned he was twelve-years old and from the Quietude Stud in West Virginia which has been diligent in preserving the original Lambert lines. 
I had recently sold my trail horse, Rhett (also a Morgan) and was seeking a Morgan with the quiet and loving attitude of Rhett, but built of better bone and more substance to endure the trail riding I have come to love.  I looked up the Quietude Morgans on the Internet and discovered that the famous stallion Criterion was the foundation stallion of the Quietude breeding.  I emailed back and forth with Susan Hanley (the feminine half of the operation).  I could not afford a ready-to-ride, Morgan of these lines, but could afford a baby.  Susan sent pictures and I was sold on Cordova before I even saw him in person.  I sent a down payment to hold him and within two weeks was trailering to Hillsboro West Virginia, just Orphan Annie my dog and me. 

When I arrived I met both Susan and Shannon (the masculine half of this team) out in the pasture.  I received the warmest welcome one could ask for and was taken to meet my new colt. I had a full tour of the farm and all the beautiful horses.  Stallions, mares and babies.  Annie had a ball running along with us in and out of the truck as we surveyed the operation.  It was like being in heaven.  All those beautiful horses in one place.  

I was treated royally that evening and enjoyed a most delicious dinner cooped by Shannon (did all you husbands hear that?)  I was offered a bed in their lovely farm home but opted to stay in my trailer.  Annie snuggles up real nice in my bed with me! The next morning, Shannon put a halter and lead line on Cordova and led him out to my trailer.  Because of the busy Spring, Cordova had very little handling.  Shannon backed him all the way to my trailer and Susan got in holding the lead line and Shannon and I lifted him up into the trailer.  

We had an experience driving home.  I had blown a fuse in the coach and was not aware that my coach battery was not charging while I was driving, so I did not have any electricity.  I was running very late and could not make the “equine overnight” where I had planned on staying.  Instead I opted for the nearest place where I could plug in.  That happened to be an Indiana State Forest.  If any of you have been to a State Forest Campground, you know how narrow the roads are and how difficult it is to back a rig into those spaces.

It was pouring down rain, thundering and lightening and I attempted to back into a space.  I tried several times and could not see a thing.  I got out and put flashlights on each side of the space but still could not get in.  I decided to go around again.  Much to my surprise, when I came back there was a line of lights along both sides of the campsite.  All turkey hunters holding flashlights and one happened to be a semi-truck driver.  He said he would help me get in because I was blind-sided (boy he said a mouthful).  He told me to turn my wheel the way he said and don’t worry about a thing.  I was parked in about five minutes.  Then all the turkey hunters had to see Cordova and I was a bit concerned about him also.  His first trailer ride and he must have felt like a yo-yo.  I opened the back door and Cordova just stood there eating hay letting everyone get a good look at him. 

We made it home the next day and Cordova fell right into step.  He was eight months when I brought him home and he is now thirteen months.  He has done everything I have asked him to do.  He adores the attention and does not lose any ground when I am away on business.  He clips, loads, trailers, let me vacuum him, knows walk, whoa, back and loves to play with Annie.  He has been wonderful about picking up his feet and my farrier has a hard time believing he is a stud colt. Pat Nissen MO

QUIETUDE SANTA CATALINA (Quietude Merit x Quietude Cherish)

This evening Lisa, Morgan, and I were in the top meadow grooming horses. Stu and baby Isaac walked up to the meadow and Isaac, who is a year and a half now, kept running towards Catalina. She would walk towards Isaac and Stu would have to pick him up.
Finally he picked him up and placed him on Catalina's back. Lisa cringed, Isaac squealed with delight, grabbed hold of Catalina's mane, tried to kick her in the sides (which happened to be her neck) and hollered something like "diddy up." Catalina is two years old. She has never had ANYTHING on her back. While Stu held on to Isaac, Catalina walked all around the field with Isaac pulling on her mane, squealing with delight. When Stu would take Isaac off her back, he would cry and Catalina would nudge at Stu wanting Isaac back in place. Catalina has a mind unlike any horse I have ever known. Sharon Amick WV
Email to Esther Fiddes from Edie Tschorn VT
QUIETUDE MACKENZIE (Quietude Forest x Coretta of Quietude)

Hi Esther! That trip to Quietude was WONDERFUL!! The people were great, the horses were wonderful and the area was gorgeous.

Thank you for the opportunity to see it all! I really like your mare--there was no question that Mackenzie was smart, kind and honest, so you can't ask for much more. It sounds like you are well equipped to go forwards with her. I know that a lot of your endurance discipline involves a horse with a good trot- and I'm not sure when I've seen a better one. She looks like she could go forever. Even when she was loose in the ring, she seemed to find a very good rhythm and balance! One of the nice things is to be able to see some of her siblings and sire, and to see the consistency in the breeding program.

The feet were all incredibly tough, basically correct bone structure, and great dispositions. I'll be interested to see what kind of a canter that she will have- I've always had a personal theory that horses that have an incredible trot, don't always have a great canter. It's been so long since I've been in the Morgan world, that I've lost track of some of the old bloodlines. It is such a pleasure to see Morgans that look like that 'good using horse' that I think we've lost in today's world. We both really liked a yearling named McKinley and another three-year-old stallion Kipling, but I really didn't see a bad horse on the place. Susan's gelding that you rode, was exquisite. Edie VT

Email from Esther Fiddes to Susan Hanley
Well, I just got off the phone with Reggie. (Tschorn, an equine veterinarian) Too bad you could not have recorded all the wonderful things he said about you guys, your farm, your breeding and your horses. Would have made a heck of
an ad. They really liked you a lot, and from the sound of it, really liked McKinley and Kipling. Certainly sounded like they planned on going back. May I take this moment to say "I told you so?" You know what? The best things he said were about Mackenzie's personality. How hard she tried to understand what he wanted, how smart she was, how sweet, how hard she tried to do the right things. The fact that she was not in the least aggressive even though she was obviously very unhappy, just wanted to get away. Can't fault her for that. She doesn't know any better yet. That is the stuff that really matters in the end, that golden Lambert personality!!! Of course, he waxed eloquent about her movement. Then Edie got on the phone, and went on and on too. My head is spinning. Yours should be too. Not that you didn't always know your horses are wonderful, but it sure is nice and gratifying to hear it from two professional horse people. Esther Fiddes CT

Dear Quietude-
I was perusing through some Morgan horse links and found myself at the Quietude homepage.  I was enthralled.  Your horses are EXACTLY what a Morgan horse is supposed to be.  I have ~13 years cumulative riding experience and have ridden registered “Morgans” many times.  Some have been more older type, with the lovely crested neck and heavy mane and tail, but most were like riding skinny Thoroughbreds.  When I came across the Quietude page I saw what I thought were some of the finest Morgans I have ever seen.  The heads, the necks, the legs—WOW. You breed some beautiful animals.

I am hoping, in about five years, to have the time and money to dedicate to a horse of my own.  Out of curiosity, how much would a 3-5 year old, gentled to ride, gelding or filly cost?  If I know now, I can save my pennies appropriately.  
Thank you for your time and again, what beautiful horses you breed.  Take care good luck. Carla
QUIETUDE SOLO (QuietudeBarcelona x Araby Ashmore)

Susan & Shannon,
I saw the e-mail you posted at the top of your website and wanted to let the gal know that Lamberts are well-worth the wait!  If you remember, I started corresponding with you about 3 years, or maybe more, before I was able to get Solo. (Quietude Solo is the only orphan we have had in 31 years of breeding. He was raised by us on goats milk and with the devoted help of the gentle gelding Quietude Maxwelton, 'Uncle Max') And I'm here to tell you he was definitely worth it!  He is so beautiful and watching him in our field is so thrilling and yet soothing at the same time.  His movement is gloriously balanced and so effortless.  It really looks as if he's floating above the ground.  And temperament - Solo's is absolutely to-die for.  He is so patient and so calm.  You know Dusty was my first effort in horse-training so I am still really a novice and don't always know how to "tell" Solo what I want from him.  Yet, he calmly listens and tries and tries again until we get it right, together.  We are going slow but I cannot wait until we can have our two boys out on the trails together!  Maybe next spring, we'll have to wait and see.  They will be turning heads, those two, Dusty with his deep dark gold color with cream mane and tail and Solo with his dark, rich, red sorrel with flaxen mane and tail!  Both have a similar coloration near their hooves that almost looks like they're wearing glitter!  Their lower legs almost shimmer in the late-day sun!
        Well I have to go but wanted to have you pass on to the gal who is going to start saving her pennies that in my experience she will not be disappointed if she is able to get a Lambert.  They are as magnificent in person as they are on a computer screen, actually they are even more magnificent because a picture cannot do justice to the fabulous temperaments your horses have.  I am so glad we were able to get one!  I only wish I could have more!  Perhaps you should also warn her of the addictive nature of the Lambert!  ;-) Patti Keeler IL