Son of Delilah Vermont

Grandson of Delilah Vermont

Dear Susan~I received your beautiful video yesterday and stayed up half the night to see it. Your horses are so uniform, the heads set on the necks perfectly, toplines flowing so smoothly into good square hindquarters, they really drive off their hocks ~

You have rescued a priceless bloodline and by close breeding and it will always breed true. Most breeders are afraid to concentrate their bloodlines because of 'old-timers' tales about inbreeding. They lose everything when they repeatedly cross out to new (and usually inferior) bloodlines. I have always said that once you get what you want, and it breeds true, you throw away the the key after locking the gate, and never let any outside blood in. To maintain your own bloodlines you also have to have a lot of breeding stock, even a lot of stallions. That keeps things from being incestuous. ...

I have always wanted to collect lines from all remaining sources of Lambert (Jubilee King) blood.... Whenever I encountered such blood, it always seemed to be crossed with something terrible up very close so I backed down from acquiring it... I decided that none of the other remaining Jubilee King lines were worth getting mixed up with, because of bad outcrosses, other than through Red Vermont, Whippoorwill Duke, CavenGlo and Meeting Waters (now Quietude). I had always wanted to breed a mare to Cavendish... Whippoorwill Duke, although more diluted, seemed to stamp the very image that I wanted...

Now to the Quietude horses -- I am fascinated with your two young stallions from Delilah Vermont. How I would love to buy one of them!... Your horses are the remaining Lambert line that I want to include in our breeding program, either through semen transport or by acquiring a young stallion... I'm happy to see that you have held steadfast to your stallion line.
Sincerely Joanne Curtis
Written by the noted Morgan breed historian and Lambert breeder JOANNE CURTIS NY