CRISPIN OF QUIETUDE (Criterion x Royalton Drucilla D.)


I think Crispin was the most giving perhaps of all the horses we have ever bred. His numerical production (38 foals) exceeded that of any other stallion here. And on April 11th of this year, he even surprised us with a going-away gift a dazzling posthumous filly out of Quietude Saratoga. Quietude Phoebe is her name!

And apart from Criterion, I can't think of a single stallion that has endowed our herd with so many prized traits. First of all, the beauty genes that came through him not only from his sire, Criterion, but also from his maternal grandsire, Lippitt Ashmore. And there was his height, a barefoot1 5.1, and the wonderful set of his long arching neck, not to mention his ground-gobbling stride, or his inner traits. He didnít wear his masculinity on his sleeve like so many stallions. He was content being a man-for-all-seasons kind of stud. Never unfair in any way, sensitive and kindly, but with reserves of courage, yet quick to fire up when the situation called for it.

The lofty regard we have for him is evidenced easily by the number of his get weíve retained. Eleven daughters: (Brittany, Cathy Serenity, Coral Sea, Iberia, Juno, Lavender, Madrid, Miranda, Radiance, Sierra and Taffeta.) Four sons: (Barcelona, Forest, Tanager, Indian Summer.)

Sadly, I can still remember the day last December when he slipped away from us. Like Criterion, he was on his feet until moments before he went. I saw him flinch a few times, take a step or two back, like some internal clock stopping, then starting again, or his heart missing beats, but trying to beat on. Then, all at once, the light of life went out in him and he dropped and was gone. It is hard to lose a friend of a lifetime.

But he wouldnít leave without saying goodbye. His farewell is out there dashing about a green field with her mother⎯like she wants the whole world to take notice of her⎯like his big heart is beating inside her young new beautiful body. So, I guess we should name her Gift, which of course she is. ~~ Shannon Hanley ~~