All Thoroughbreds are said to descend from three “Oriental” stallions (the Darley Arabian, the Godolphin Barb, and the Byerly Turk, all brought to Great Britain, 1690–1730) and from 43 “royal” mares

There he stood at stud, usually private but sometimes open to outside mares. He was Leading sire in Great Britain and Ireland in 1722. By all accounts, the Darley Arabian stood about 15 hands high and was of substantial beauty and refinement.

The Darley Arabian sired the undefeated Flying Childers. He also sired Bartlett's Childers, an unraced brother of Flying Childers, who was the great-grandsire of the extremely influential Eclipse. The Darley Arabian was to become the most important sire in the history of the English Thoroughbred.

In 95% of modern Thoroughbred racehorses, the Y chromosome can be traced back to this single stallion.

(Mambrino x Mare by Turf)

 "It must be remembered that at the time when Justin Morgan was foaled the typical thoroughbred was very unlike the thoroughbred of the present day. He was close to the Arab foundation, and consequently he was a short-legged, rounder built, more compact animal than the race horse of the nineteenth century." H.C. Merwin 1893



(True Briton x bay Wildair)
"It is not surprising therefore, that Justin Morgan, though well-bred, was a chunky little horse, with short legs and round quarters. He had a fine mane and tail, a short powerful back, a longish body, strong oblique shoulders, a delicate ear, a noble head, and the most intelligent, expressive, and courageous eyes that the spirit of a Houyhnhnm ever looked out of." H.C. Merwin / 1893

(Justin Morgan x Narragansett Mare)
"Sherman Morgan and his team-mate were known at every inn between Lyndon and Portland and strange teamsters of unwary traveling men were certain to be victimized in a wager by those who knew little about the little chestnut stallion's uncanny ability to pull. In Lyndon, Vermont, there is still the steep hill near where the old inn once stood. The procedure of the bet was always the same. The strange team would be hitched to a wagon or sleigh, filled with all of the men who had stakes in the wager, plus any handy passers-by or onlookers. Finally the vehicle was loaded beyond the ability of the team to pull it up to the inn door. At that point, the opposing team was removed from the traces and the Sherman team put to them. Mr. Sherman would check every rein and buckle with care. Then he would step back, look about him, and carefully add one small boy to the load. Chirping to his little team, he would deposit the cheering load at the top of the hill, pat his best little horse---and collect the loser's coins, or flagons of rum, as the case often was. Both the stallions know the game well and it was almost impossible to load the wagon beyond their courage to pull it." Mabel Owen MA

BEN FRANKLIN 1873-1896
(Daniel Lambert x Black Kate)



Trotting Record 2:29"Ben Franklin's stamina, looks, and above all gentleness, have come on down through Morgan pedigrees until the present day. He was a great horse, from an unpretentious beginning, the sire of 47 winners of 116 races and the foundation of a modern dynasty." Mabel Owen  

(Jubilee's Courage x Lippitt Robrita)
Full Sister to Criterion



Cathy Serenity, bred by Francis Bryant,
was the dam of three Grand National Champions,
Bennfield's Ace,
Katy Bennfield and Headline's Gloriana

(Jubilee's Courage x Lippitt Robrita)

Criterion: the contemporary foundation sire
for the Lambert Morgan family.