Amanda Spreen
It's summertime in West Virginia and we are getting ready for our most exciting event yet...we are going to have a costume contest for the horses and the categories are the most imaginative, the most colorful and the most detail. There are three teams, the first team is me (Amanda), my mom, my aunt Suzanne, one of my best friends Kristen and Quietude Homeward. The next team is my moms best friend Cathy, my little sister, Kelly, her two friends Mackenzie and Devon and quietude Maxwelton and the third team are my other two friends Carter, Emerson, their dad Henry, and Quietude Mandolin.

Each team secretly planned their costume. After a trip to the dollar store we all went in to our (dressing room) stalls to get the horses and ourselves ready for the event. Our excitement was running high as we kept coming up with new ideas that we could add to our costumes and, as usual, our Quietude Lamberts were calm and patient. We can hardly keep ourselves together because all of us were anxious about who s going to win which event. Finally, after two hours of preparation, we are ready for show time.!

As each team walked out of their dressing room we were all amazed at how good the opposing teams costumes were. Our team was circus themed. Our team is dressed as clowns and our Lambert star Quietude Homeward is a stunning circus horse with a rainbow dust feather as a plume, little colorful buns going down his neck with rainbow party strings, a circus blanket substituting for the saddle pad, then to top off his costume we have loads of sparkles and some circus stickers. The other team is an Indian theme, the people are dressed as Indians and their gorgeous Quietude Maxwelton is an Indian horse. He has feathers in his hair, handprints on his hindquarters, native American symbols are painted on his face and neck with a pretend set of bow and arrows fastened with hay string. The third team was majestically themed with Carter dressed as a fairy astride Quietude MandolinĂ® who is a lovely unicorn. She is draped with a pink feather boa, a whimsical saddle blanket, a party hat wrapped in tinfoil adorns her forehead as a unicorn horn that glistens in the sunlight and silver sparkles all over her body.
We are blessed with the fortunate presence of West Virgina roofers were putting a new roof on our house. They have graciously agreed to sit atop our wide front porch, provided with lemonade and cookies, to be our fair and just judges for the event. Walking across the huge front lawn, we did our last minute touch ups before we paraded by the judges. They got up from their chairs and walked toward the horses, carefully judging each costume as we watched proudly as hey viewed each team's horse. Finally they were ready to hand out the awards for each team. As they called up the first team (our team) they said you have won. The most colorful event, we cheered as they draped the award around Homeward's neck and, as usual, Homeward was showing his Lambert smile to everybody. Then the judges called up the Indian team and they won the award for the most detail event, because of their creative ideas about the Indian costume. The third team won the award for he most imaginative event for their magical unicorn and fairy costume. So now you know what happened on our thrilling, adventurous day.