Susan Hanley with Angus (Goldfield x Urnice)
at the 1947 Vermont 100 Mile Ride

Susan Hanley with Quietude Sahara
(Courage of Quietude x Quietude Cascade) owned by Carol Miller.

Susan Johns Hanley, born to Richard and Mildred Johns in Hartfield, Connecticut, became interested in Morgans as young girl, witnessing C.D. Parks winning the 1942 100 mile Vermont ride on the famous mare Lippitt Miss Nekoma. Inspired, she acquired the Government bred Morgan Angus, and as a teenager, and rode him to 4th place in the Lightweight Division of the 1947 100 mile ride. Susan also actively participated with Angus as a member of the Groton, Massachusetts Fox Hunt Club. She recalled the master of the hunt declaring, "Where I a whipper-in and could choose only one horse to ride, I would choose Angus."

Susan graduated from the Boston School of the Museum of Arts, in 1950, majoring in Graphic Arts, later studying lithography, painting, and life-drawing on a scholarship with noted artists at the Arts Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado. She also did photography in Korea and freelance photography and filmstrips for the publishers McGraw-Hill. She has had numerous photos published in different publications.

Susan found her life's passion for the expression of her art talents and love of horses when she and her husband Shannon Hanley established 'The Quietude Stud' in 1973 to perpetuate the historic Lambert Morgan family line with the beautiful foundation stallion Criterion, purchased from Fran Bryant. With solid Morgan type, exceptional beauty and athletic ability the Lambert Morgan family have delighted her ever since. Than Susan's enthusiasm and dedication for preserving the Lamberts, they are represented in more than 34 states and seven for countries among nearly 150 different owners, including several dedicated Lambert breeders, with a grand total of 308 Lamberts living as of 2012. Susan's days are jam-packed with daily chores, helping Shannon care for Quietude's herd of more 50 Lambert Morgans and plan the breedings for next season. Somehow she still finds time to ride her beloved 32 year-old Caress Of Quietude (Criterion x Caven-Glo Ballerina), share her vast knowledge of Morgan history with friends and new Morgan owners, and regularly update her phenomenal website, with spectacular new photos and videos Thank you Susan, and congratulations on this honor!
Brenda Tippin Morgan Breed Historian

This theme, now in year five, celebrates the enormous, indeed disproportionate, influence women have on our industry.

We recognize that the Morgan community, throughtout its history, has not merely provided acceptance. Rather women have proven that they are more than equal in the areas of vision, direction, accomplishment and utilization of the breed.

The Morgan Horse industry has not been male-centric. Women have been leaders, mentors, educationers, innovators, adjudicators, pioneers, counselors and advocates.

The staff of the Morgan Horse has, for the fifth year, searched our archives, asked our advisors and brainstormed in meetings to generate a long list and then the short list that appears here. The Honor Roll is never intended to be complete. We will add names to it annually. We strive in one issue each year, to be sure the list is as varied, diverse and colorful as the breed itself.

For the fourth year we have invited nominations from the floor, so to s peak. Through communication with the AMHA membership, via email, our website and Facebook, we have invited the public to nominate one person to the list. That nominee appears as the final honoree on the 2013 Honor Roll.

Ladies you continue to inspire us.