Quietude is a splendid place to ride whether you go
East, West, North or South. This ride was on our Moonshine Trail.

Kelly is riding Horizon, Cathy is on her Quietude Maxwelton,
Ruth is on Mandalay & I'm riding Shenandoah.
Checking out the newly built pond on the farm we lease.

Now we have come to the Greenbrier River Trail.

From the new dam we opened a new trail that brings us
to the 76 mile long Greenbrier River 'rail to trail'.

Kelly & Horizon are the first to go down the steep incline
off the Greenbrier Trail to Locust Creek that runs beneath the bridge.
This is only Horizon's third trail ride & he often leads the way.

Caress starts down the steep trail from the bridge to the creek.

Lisa, riding my dear old Caress, comes down the steep incline.

Ruth's tiny Norfolk Terrier, Hanna, follows her across the flooded creek.

Game little Hanna though swept downstream paddles back to us.

Kelly & Cathy with the trail dog Juda.

A dangerous time as the creek is so rapid & flooded that
we & the horses can't see the boulders on the creek bed.
Our horses never hesitate as we ride upstream.

Deep & fast running is the creek! The brave Horizon is leading now
& we all make it through safely.

Finally, we are on the lovely Moonshine Trail.

Winter has brought down a large tree across the trail.
With no way around it. Kelly & Cathy manage to move it.

We can see that there are many fallen trees across the trail ahead &
we must take our horses up a steep, rocky hill to be able to get home.

The battery in my camera gave out so no more photos of this ride,
but we did make it home A-OK.